Our principles

EntryOne is a student-operated consultancy firm

whose core value is that every assignment will provide a good learning experience for the students involved.


EntryOne focuses on services for innovative start-up companies

in the broadest sense, ranging from research groups wanting to perform a start-up feasibility study to due diligence for a VC-investment round.


EntryOnes student-consultants are coached by Business Experts

who make sure the students do a proper job and learn how to do an even better one.


EntryOnes Business Experts are professionals from our Partner Organizations

who have a partnership agreement with EntryOne.


EntryOne aims to continually increase its body of knowledge

of the start-up process and this knowledge is jointly owned by EntryOne and its Partner Organizations.


EntryOne is a commercially operating not-for-profit organization

meaning that surplus income from operations will both be invested in knowledge development and distributed to the students that helped create the income.


EntryOne is open to collaborations with all universities and organizations

which share our vision and are willing to participate and help EntryOne grow into a nation-wide initiative.