EntryOne Student Consultancy

EntryOne is a student-operated consultancy firm that believes in cooperation. Our students support innovative startups in business development, finance, legal and IP. And thanks to our business partners, our students are provided with expert knowledge and skills, making sure they can tackle any challenge.


We launched EntryOne early 2016 because we saw an opportunity to provide a solution to three problems:

  • On the one hand we know from experience that startups that are supported by seasoned service providers (consultants, lawyers etc.) have a higher chance of succeeding, but startups cannot afford these experts.
  • On the other hand there are students who need and want to build practical experience and expertise before starting a career. They can do this by working for startups (who can afford them), but they lack the knowledge and expertise to be of added value for these companies.
  • Lastly, service providers are always looking for new talent and customers.

Our solution is a consultancy service which solves these problems with one unique solution: startups can hire EntreOne student consultants who are coached aby our business partners. Our partners are willing to coach our students, because they can quickly discover the biggest talents before they finish their degree and can connect to the startups of today, which are tomorrows corporates.

Business Development

Entering a new market, or in need of potential customers? EntryOne can help you out. Thanks to our extensive network we can quickly produce market reports or bring you in contact with new leads.

Finance and Funding

Funding a startup can be a challenge. Thanks to the EntryOne network and partners, we know what is needed to become investment ready and get funded.

Legal & IP

Whether you need a shareholders agreement or you need a report on the freedom to operate, EntryOne can help you out.

Our partners